3 unconventional ways to say sorry

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It’s normal for couples to have disagreements. In fact, psychologists say that all healthy relationships are bound to have their share of challenges. The important thing is for couples to know how to confront their problems and reach resolutions that will make the relationship stronger.

Of course, conflicts don’t disappear just like that. Each person has to know how to own up to his or her faults and say sorry. Here are three ways for to say sorry that will surely help you and your partner make amends:

1. Write a letter.
To make sure that you stay objective and you get to express what’s on your mind without being distracted by your partner’s reactions, it’s best to write down what you have to say. When you write a letter, you get to choose the best words to explain your actions. You even get to edit your words so that you can communicate your feelings more effectively. There’s very little chance of you being misunderstood when everything’s in writing. Even if you aren’t the one who at fault, you can also write a letter to explain how you feel to your partner.

2. Make the necessary move.
If your partner’s has a problem with you staying out until dawn with your friends, you can show him or her that you’re changing your ways by consistently going home early. Indeed, actions speak louder than words. Once your partner sees that you are making an effort to address his or her concerns, you will earn his or her trust. Though this may not be the cure for all your issues, it’s a clear indication that you are willing to drop your bad habits for him or her. It’s not about changing who you are. It’s about becoming a better and more responsible individual for your partner and for yourself.

3. Own up to your mistakes.
You have to take responsibility for all the things you did wrong, as well as the things you neglected to do. If you pretend that you didn’t do anything wrong or that nothing bad has happened, it makes the situation even worse. This is because your partner would still remember these things and he or she would probably express anger towards you in other ways. He or she may even resort to bringing up old issues even when you’re already discussing a completely different issue.

While saying sorry can make things better, you should not rely on it to fix everything that’s wrong.

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