4 ways comfort a friend after death

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Why do some people grief their loved ones for long?
Is it possible to comfort a friend after death?

Yes it’s true that the death of a love one can cause us to grief for so long, but in most cases, we grief depending on how we consider the person to be in our lives. This is why when someone dies in a family, some people feels the pain more than others. These are the people who grief beyond the usual duration.

Now, how does this have to do with comforting a friend after the death of their loved ones? Yes, it’s true that after the death of a loved one not everyone continues dwelling with the death person. But what if your friend is one of such people who grief for long?

How to comfort a friend after death

Below are some relevant steps to take note of when comforting a friend after the death of a loved one.

  • 1) Show them second choice: It increases the matter if you are trying to comfort someone just by repeating the same word all the time. In order to comfort someone in such situation, you must try to make them understand that they still have other loved ones to look after them. If you notice that your friend lost his or her father, making him or her to know that they still have their mother, sisters, and brothers will comfort them to know that they is still hope.
  • 2) Bring out their importance:Most people feel the death of a loved one due to the fact that the death was some kind of support to their lives. In such a case, you can comfort a friend after death by bringing out their importance.Try approaching them in a soft tune. Make them to see the essence of life and what will happen to their past achievements and successes. If you manage to bring out their importance by making them understand that, they can live and make life more enjoyable, then, they will be comforted.
  • 3) Additional concern: As a true friend who is out to comfort his or her friend, you have to do more. This is nothing more than creating enough time to be with them. This process also makes them know that, prior to other loved ones, they still have loving people like you around them.
  • 4) Show them some good time: When I talk about good time, I am talking nothing other than taking them out. It could be just trolling around town, a visit to a friend or going out for shopping. This is very effective in the sense that, when they start engaging with people and in activities, they also start forgetting the past.

Final words

At times it’s but normal that such past memories will be influencing the present time, but on your path, you have to know that it takes time for someone to do without such memories. You also have to watch them in case of depression or what they are saying. If found any talk related to suicide or a change in their physical features, convince them to see a specialist.

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