5 things couples often stop doing after marriage (but shouldn't)

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The bridal shower, wedding, and honeymoon are over.  The wedding gifts have been unwrapped and thank you notes written.  Now, it’s time to get into the groove of married life.  But you don’t want to fall into that rut that so many other couples talk about.  You want to stay young and in love. However, life does get in the way.  You have to work hard to keep the relationship exciting, fresh, and sustaining.

Here are 5 things couples often stop doing after marriage that they shouldn’t!

1.  Date nights.  An important thing for any couple at any stage of their relationship is date night.  Time away from work, friends, family, and kids for just the two of you.  Make time for a dinner date or a movie or just taking a walk in the park.  The time you dated each other was exciting and new…there’s nothing that says you have to lose that.

2.  Talking to each other.  With the hurriedness of work, kids, household duties, etc., it’s so easy to find yourself falling into bed each night with your spouse not having had a conversation at all.  It’s important for couples to talk to each other.  Share your troubles and triumphs.  Let them know your thoughts and feelings.  Keep each other posted on work issues, what the kids are dealing with at school, what was on TV earlier.  Communication is a huge key to a successful, long-standing relationship.

3.  Simple flirting.  There’s nothing that says once the rings are on the fingers that you can’t still flirt with each other.  Sure, the chase is over, but who says it can’t go on.  Leave each other love notes in lunches, on the bathroom mirror, with the morning paper.  Wink at each other across the room at a neighbor’s party.  Steal kisses when no one’s looking.  Hold hands.  Keep that zing alive that brought you together in the first place.

4.  Close the bathroom door.  When couples get too comfortable with each other, some simple things in life can go out the window.  Have time for yourself, even if it’s closing the bathroom door while you’re using it, or doing something you enjoy.  You still want to stay the same sexy person your spouse fell in love with.  Keep some mystery in things and simply close the door.

5.  Have sex.  So many couple lose their mojo and stop having sex.  It’s not that they don’t want to.  The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.  They’re tired from work.  The kids are around.  They’ve got work tomorrow.  There are a thousand excuses out there…none of them matter.  Love and passion fuel relationships.  Of course things will change the longer you’re together, but your sex life doesn’t need to be put on the back burner or even end.  Plan it out.  Or don’t.  Just do it.

It’s easy to get into routines and get lazy once the wedding is over. But spending quality time together and continuing to do the things you did before getting married is crucial for the love to last.

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