7 questions about men answered by a man!

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Questions About Men!

7 questions about men I know women want the answers to.

How many times have you wished you could read your man’s mind? Why is he doing this? How could he misunderstand that? What did I do wrong? I said something and he totally misunderstood it. This is common problems in relationships between men and women.

Actually it is no secret that women and men have problems understanding each other.

We have so many unanswered questions about men and in this article I will try to give you some answers.

If you want to experience true love you need to understand each other. All new knowledge and wisdom about the opposite sex will be positive to your relationship and your ability to create a passionate and happy relationship.

I just finished reading another book about understanding men – I do love reading books on this subject. This last book is written by a man for women – in this book he tells the truth from his, a mans, point of view. He also answers questions about men that women want answers to. I have chosen some of the most interesting questions you all want to know the answers to.

When it comes to these 7 questions about men I do think most men will agree with the answers. I can say this because I have done quite a bit research before I picked these questions. But we also need to remember that every man is an individual and not all will agree.

7 questions about men answered by a man!

1. Why did he suddenly stop calling us?

Answer: He is not interested anymore – for him the “relationship” is over! And he feels no need to talk about it. He expects that we understand the signal.

My comment: We have been dating a man for a while but suddenly and without any explanation he stops calling. This can make any woman crazy – we need to know… “why does he not call me? – what is wrong?, did I say something wrong? and so on...” Our head is overloaded with all these questions and it makes it really hard for us to let go of the relationship.

2. What is a man’s definition of a great woman?

Answer: Men want a woman that is loyal, supports them in all they do and who can satisfy their sexual needs.

My comment: If we can’t satisfy our man then the relationship soon will end up in trouble… A man also likes variation. So if you want your man to love you then use your fantasy and surprise him in bed. And don’t nag at him or try to change him – men hates it.

3. Why are married men so boring?

Answer: Because we don’t ask for anything new – they have got you and as long as you are satisfied they don’t feel the need of doing anything new. Women have the power to keep the excitement up. Woman just have to tell men what they want and need. And when he does what you want you simply reward him… This will make him love to do anything we want him to do…

4. Do men like romance?

Answer: Yes, men do like romance as much as women do, but do know that for men it usually means that they expect it to end up in bed…

My comment: A man’s definition of romance” “mystery, intrigue, sensuality, lingerie, passion and never-ending sex,“Doug Fields, author of Creative Romance.

5. Love at first sight – do men believe in this?

Answer: Yes, but they don’t fall in love with YOU at first sight – they fall in love with your look! And it can easily go away if he finds out that you are not like he expected you to be.

My comment: I found a British study about men and love at first sight. Believe it or not but nearly one in four men said they believed in “love at first sight” and they even said they knew whether a girl was ‘the one‘ within seconds. In the same British study I could read that most men feel they know whether or not it’s “the real thing” after just one date. We women need at least six dates before we make up our mind (from the study). The research also revealed that the average British man falls in love just over three times compared to the average women who only falls in love once. (It did not say if this is in a lifetime because I have problems to believe that a woman falls in love only once in her life) I really feel sorry for those that can’t experience to fall in love more than once.

6. How can a woman get her man to be more spontaneous?

Answer: You must give him a reason, reward him! Men

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