7 relationship warning signs every lady should know (2)

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I hope you did enjoy part one of “7 Relationship Warning Sign Every Lady Should Know.” Let’s conclude now. Enjoy!

Warning sign #4: Beware of lowering your standards.
So many women are tempted and do succumb to the temptation of lowering their standards just to have a guy for a relationship which usually does not work. In college, I saw a lot of ladies who lowered their standards just to sleep with boys for some meager amount by listening to deceptive friends and guys.

Once, I visited a course mate in his room. Upon arriving in the room, I saw my mate with his friends peeping through the window of the inner room. So confused, they asked me to keep mute and not to disturb at all when I entered. Apparently, they were secretly witnessing the “crucifixion” (that is the term used on campus when a boy gets the opportunity to have sex with a “difficult” campus damsel) of a campus girl. Totally at sea, I asked myself, “who could this girl be?” Initially not knowing what to do, I decided to peep also and find out for myself. Big shame on me!. Oh no!, I couldn’t believe what I saw. In a missionary position lies a beautiful, naked, voluptuous damsel being nailed down by the most stupid Homo sapien male on campus I ever met in college. I was so sad and hurt.

To be candid with you, I did not know how I got to my room till this day. But I do remember asking myself countless questions when I got to my room. “Why would such a principled and respected girl sleep with such a boy? Was she drugged? How much did this boy offer him?” These were some questions that did run through my mind as I took a hot tea to relax my highly frustrated nerves. I later ascertained that the girl just lowered her standards to a smart “James Bond.”

My dear, guys respect ladies who never lower their standards for anything. They may tease and make fun of you, but they admire you secretly. They may be very uncouth towards you, but they adore you secretly in their hearts. I personally knew of a room mate who was always rough towards a female course mate, but was often caught masturbating, romantically and desperately mentioning the name of the girl in question. How funny! Woman, you may be tempted to lower your standards in order to secure the unpredictable love of a man. Never forget that real love is acquired by paying a high price. Keep your thighs closely tight!

Never lower your standards, because your standards define the real you. Condescending to a pseudo standard simply means putting on a fake identity. When you put on the fake identity, you will definitely find yourself in fake hands. There is certainly someone there who will surely meet your standards. When in the hands of such a person, you will feel really safe and you’ll have that inner joy and peace emanating from your heart always. It is for real. Be yourself and you will always have what naturally belongs to you. Hey!, you will look stupid if you force things to happen that are not meant to be.

I wish that women who have stained their “white garments” will no longer do so by not forever changing their minds about what they passionately believe because some guys have told them something different or because someone has cleverly lied to them and made the lie sound like the truth. Hold to the truth in love and become more and more distinguished each passing day. Are you a virtuous lady?

Beware of dogs!

Warning sign #5: Beware of chasing after material things.
As a woman, never put your trust in material things. It is a great delusion for any body to put her trust and confidence in material things. If you love material things, then I can promise you one thing in your relatonship life: you will never be satisfied with material things. So many women are deceived into thinking that their merriment pivots on possessing fine things like muscular and sexy men, shoes, dresses, bags, sexy skirts, flashy houses, and so on.

But you see,real life is not measured by how much you own. It the realisation of true contentment that brings real happiness. Therefore, never be greedy for what you don’t have. Many ladies, craving for all kinds of material things have erred from the real moral values and pierced themselves with so many sorrows. Scores of ladies who look flashy, joyous and on top of the world during the day, unfortunately, look morose and depressed when alone or at night and can hardly sleep.

Do you have so much love for material things, lady?

Beware of dogs!

Warning sign #6: Beware of your emotions.
There is this unfortunate incident that transpired when I was in college. I was helping one professor in my Chemistry Department tidy up his office when a pretty young walked in. “Why are you crying”, the prof

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