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There’s only one good thing about breaking up and that’s making up, especially during the holidays. Why do people fall in love and the end up crying? Breaking up is something like untying a rope to a tree; breaking a glass or tearing a piece of paper. Being meant to be in a relationship in spite of the obstacle the couple encounter is not possible so long if any of them will do the first move to initiate the make up. If love is still prevailing, why not cope up the lost time?
I will share to you the love story of my friend. I had known this relationship because I was the “sumbungan” of their happy and sad memories of their relationship.


“Looking back, I know that I freaked out; I became a commitment-phobe,’ says 25-year-old Samantha. After she graduated from college in 2002, Samantha returned home to- leaving behind Dave, her boyfriend of two years. ” Dave still had another year of school left,’ says Samantha. “We were totally in love, and I tried very hard to do the long- distance- relationship thing- we would see each other almost every weekend. But eventually we got so caught up in our own lives that we practically stopped talking.”
After a series of strained phone conversations, Samantha and Dave ended their relationship. Determined to make the most of her new freedom, Samantha began to date “a lot”, but she couldn’t stop thinking about Dave. No matter how many dinner dates she laughed through, he was on her mind: “I kept asking myself, how I could have let him go?’
The breakup wasn’t easy for Dave either. “When we ended, I was so upset, “remembers Dave, 24. “I missed Samantha terribly, but there was nothing I could do. She was in Cagayan; I was in Manila. I just had to get on with my life.”


When Dave graduated a year later, he moved to Cebu City. Unknown to him, Samantha had also moved to the city to pursue her medical course. Then at 7:00 on New Year’s morning, Samantha received a call that made her heart sink. Her best friend was phoning to say that she had been to a bar the night before and had bumped into Dave- with his new girlfriend, a beautiful blond. “When my friend told me she saw Dave with another girl, I cried my eyes out and called him immediately, “Samantha recounts. ” It was vey weird. I cried even more on the phone. I just missed him so much.”
Understandably, Dave had his reservations. “I didn’t want to get hurt,” he says, “but I couldn’t not see her.” He agreed to meet Samantha for a holiday drink.
Samantha recalls her feelings when she met Dave again: “I felt like someone had kicked me in the stomach. My hands were shaking. The conversation was very awkward. We were both trying to pretend that life over the past year had been great, when in truth we were both hiding a lot of sadness.” But says Samantha with a big grin, “A couple of drinks were just like old times again.”
The evening ended with a good-night kiss, and they quickly picked up their relationship where they’d left off. “We fell in love all over again,” Dave says. “That was two years ago. Now. I can’t imagine life without her.” And that other blond? Promptly banished to Christmas past.


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