A mystical love…

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             A Mystical Love…

“Emaad Muzaffer The Student and the Political Author of Articlesbase.com writes up on a love story and dedicates it to a person and the whole world.”

   God has given us wonderful things, tasks and also thinking. One of them is love; love is the happiness and truth. These two things clearly describe love. But the thing which is the most important part of love is the care that my friend has showed on the one whom he really loves a lot. Leaves his tear, as it is raining from his eyes thinks of her for the betterment for different blessings.                                                                                                                                                No matter how many fights do they have a week but fights make up their love. Once I showed a little disrespect I was advised to sometimes appreciate love which was the moment I realized that look at the person she cannot tolerate disrespect over the relationship as well as the love.                                                                                                                                          They have been schoolmates and have converted to lovers. It was a moment that he clears “When he saw her he found his future his luck behind the god gift eyes. He couldn’t think of anything else day and night he was in dreams of the sound of strong love streams and One day a message of love a trademark a noted message was there to him that without you life is nothing.                                                                                                                                            Love cannot be described by music cannot be quoted through negativeness, cannot be disrespected by criticism this is the reality. People talk a lot about love their quotes poems they think they talk of love people start clapping but they don’t remember when people in large numbers gather at anywhere they start clapping unnecessarily sometimes.                                                                                                                                                    But the real love is the real care respect shown to her. She showing to him is the love. I declare that I was in love, but I was not in Luck I loved I noticed I cared I respected I made a smile over her smooth words but the situation was like that I only thought that her happiness her comfort will make me a good lover nothing else, I wanted her to go ahead with a human who is really something can make the definition of love attaining full marks in that. But I cannot afford her tears I just always wished her a good luck so as I do. He will make her happy that is the only need for me.

     She fought with me many a times as the world is not honest but I never really thought anything bad about her but yes I do admit that I said she is not Ok at the moment but I called and said simply a sorry.

  Go ahead he will be happy you will be happy and happiness can make life. True Love can make life… This friendship between me and you will make your love strong enough. Consider this as a challenge and as a pledge of mine.

         My friend my friend in Love is a bold term and this term will live forever. Love is not a game of publicity love is not a game of tricks, because when the tricks come exposed then it’s very difficult to show the face to the love.

  Your relationship may have controversies and may have interfered in anything or anyone but your relationship has completed a year successfully

   There could have been no passion to live If God didn’t create love and this quote has been fully used by you. Other relationships’ have disturbed the whole love term and have fully attempted to destroy the actual meaning of love by breaking all the limits and exceptions.

  For him “My friend I know your heart beats and is in search of anything always Your eyes are always looking for a face and is thirsty of it. Her non presence has no odds in your life. But It actually feels odd if she is not with you.

     It is my expression to her that “Forgetting me you will be happy, I am not there you will be happy. It is a pray from my sid

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