A number of key recommendations to overcome the end of a love story

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To forget love is without doubt one of the most difficult situations to deal with. But it is certainly not impossible and why in this guide will try to give we good advice. Love is a feeling so intense as to make us feel part of the other and that he / she is part of us, so we can not live without, and when it ends we feel torn, abandoned and lost, and that always happens when we have been left and therefore we continue to love.

In the following paragraphs we will find a number of key recommendations to overcome the end of a love story. These are behaviors that in a state of pain as this, may seem inappropriate or trivial, but in fact they are simple ways to regain control of our own life.

1. Acceptance: the first step toward personal freedom is the time to accept that the story is now closed. To do that we have to move from that stage where we continually look for another attempt at reconciliation must pass, or expect him to take one step back to take him back with open arms. But it is when we accept that it’s over that we really suffer, when one is aware that the other is not there anymore for us. But this is also the starting point.

2. The mourning: when a love ends, is just like losing a person, just like a mourning that has to be metabolized. For each person the time it takes is different, for some a few days can be enough while for others many months will be needed, the sensitivity is subjective and often depends also on the character. Weep and till we drop, until the pain turns to anger;

3. Anger: if we were left, anger towards each other can help, that’s how we begin to realize that what we lost was not so perfect, that he / she had faults and that if it is over is also his fault. Although at this stage we will not see things objectively it does not matter, the important thing is that we find within ourselves a reason to go against him / her and not with him / her.

4. Do not be alone: although we are not convinced of that company can be good and we do not want to see anyone, to be alone is a mistake. Instead,if we confide can be in someone close to us as a brother or a friend, talking helps to reflect and have an external point of view less involved and that helps us sometimes to divert attention from the happening.

5. Cut the bridges: often when two people are left then they tend to leave open a sort of friendship. This is not good for us who have suffered so much, why would feed us, even if unconsciously, the frequent idea that then we might get back together. Even for this time is needed, first detach completely and then when the feeling is gone maybe meet we will not hurt us.

6. Being active: is important that the vacuum arrived in these days be filled in some way, not with the technique of “crushing nail nail”, but we could recall such a passion set aside just for the relationship we had, or interest in something completely new. External stimuli are critical because they make us feel alive and allow us to experience new emotions that we thought no longer existed for us.

7. The time: all wounds heal with time, even the most profound. So do not worry if the black phase lasts more than necessary, just think to dedicate yourself because you deserve.

8. The positives: no matter how difficult it is to understand and we suffer for love, this phase also serves as a moment of personal growth and maturity, we will in fact be strong in spite of what we thought and be able to face and overcome life’s difficulties.

9. Pass: after all this, there comes a time in particular where we realize we have passed the great pain that tormented us, and it’s time to turn the page, because maybe it means that our greatest love will come ahead.

10. Forget: only after passing the story we will never forget. But the best advice to give is to forget only the worst, and keep the good memories without remorse, because if we’ve actually passed, we will not want to forget, and after a long time we will laugh about it.

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