A thin line of the brutal … love making

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Sometimes as an impulse to have or get the other might serve not romantic candles, smooth music and warmth of the fireplace but anger. Anger that is dangerously on the border of bestial brutality. Anger that makes your blood boil in a strange excitement. As the last straw most frequently is quite known, provocative challenge in the eyes or behaviour of the other, darkly iridescent look. That says – are you able to do something, can you take me …?!

A challenge that provokes all your strength, energy and passion. It asks to come further than just a passionate love game, a challenge that leads up to unstoppable desire to get, bring under, take. Mightily and decisively. To the last and with all your heart. Now and straight away. Just there – in the nearest bed, under the nearest tree, on the kitchen table or office desk, take your pants down and go ahead! To forget yourself in a victorious, live pleasure, to the last, with all your might! With your hands clung crampy on to her naked hips!

It is something that most often is felt between those two who know each other as well as they know themselves. Between this brutal fu……ng there is a thin line that determines – is it allowed to do like that or not? When it is allowed and when not. And when exactly it should be done. It is a priority only for those who have learned to read surely each other’s face. Others must not do it otherwise the thin but significant line can be stepped over.

Similar but at the same time different from an impulsive and brutal fu……ng is taking and making love – with slow and strict submission – when in a quiet and relentless voice you ask the other person take off her or his clothes following by your eyes and feeling endlessly long, full of bewilderment minutes and then……

Have a nice day and be careful,

Paul Lasaro (wit video)

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