About butterflies in your stomach. and not only

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A person who has „invented” the most picturesque and most precise name for the feeling of amorousness – „having butterflies in your stomach’ – has really deserved at least the Nobel prize. To my mind, in our language it is difficult to find the nicer description. Was it a Briton who invented it or this saying is as old as the whole world, older than the wisest Briton? Does it probably sound as „a dance of butterflies in an underbelly”? Anyhow it is a really tingling feeling that overwhelms just thinking of it …

Let’s talk again about butterflies in one’s stomach! Brainy scientists have found out long before that they are not at all butterflies but a special giddy chemical compound that starts up  in the person’s mind during the process of amorousness. Many people are so much into it that become almost addicted. Not to a person they are in love with but to the feeling itself. Each time it gets over they start to look for another person in order to experience the amorousness again. They do not understand that butterflies mustn’t be turned into the trained poodles which run after every whistle. No, it is not so. It is true that butterflies can come into our lives again but don’t think they can be changed into trained livestock Butterflies are frolicsome, sometimes they can tickle just so. Almost like checking you. But our life is set up in a way that in beautiful and strong relations the butterflies in the course of time move away somewhere as if disappear or hide themselves a little. Don’t be sad about it! Most common that you are approaching the highest level, probably not so giddy but more lasting, safer and not less charming. It is called the highest level because you have to be able to reach it. It is different for everybody and the second Nobel prize will get that person who can desribe it the most beautifully.

Have a nice day and be careful,

Paul Lasaro

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