About the bareness of men in the eyes of women

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Not long ago I read an interesting literary story full of delight which was written by a beautiful woman to a man’s coc* – it is called „Song of praise to you – my little friend!”
I wrote her the following: „To me as a representative of males it was embarrassing to read it….

Usually reading the text you somehow personify yourself with a text. It was strange to me to be involved in the delight song for the cock. It was written really very well. However, I will remain indifferent to others’ cocks but with my own I have a good comradeship, like with faithful soldier who helps me to do the most complicated maneuvers during the operational flights!”

Meanwhile another person, if I got it right, also a heterosexual man in his commentaries was worried about other things: “… it really drives me mad that a naked man’s body is so rarely shown in the public. It’s a sick century – woman’s body is OK everywhere but the bareness of a man is being hidden!”

He is a bit imprecise here. That’s true – in the Internet and in other public places the bareness of man is not seen very often. One thing is clear – where the demand is, there the offer is. Seemingly, there aren’t  enough demands. Women as we know love by ears not by eyes. Of course, they will appreciate an attractive man’s body (especially naked) but it’s not what they need in big doses and for any price. Women won’t be especially keen on looking at men’s nude photos, watching pornos or enjoying similar visual temptations. Of course, now and then they will enjoy themselves but comparatively not so frequently. Instead of that they will choose a good reading material, a respectable women’s book or magazine.

It is also a reason why in the Internet all spectrum of bareness is more often offered to men than to women. Surely, if they want, they will find it. There are lots of it. If there was a corresponding demand then they would be more. Talking about demands quite important is a fact that recently a magazine for women “Playgirl” has „vanished”, which was a kind of clone of men’s “Playboy”. Evidently, it was not exactly what women wanted in appropriate amount.

Although quite opposed phenomenon is a famous „Chippendale”, it looks as mass hysterics when thousands of women go to this show. But it seems to be only an annual action because it’s not heard that in everyday life a demand for men’s strip clubs has increased. Such clubs exist but not too many. It’s for sure not because representatives of respective industry could ignore the demand due to some kind of prudery.

Similarly I haven’t heard about women – Peeping Toms with binoculars in the bushes of the nudist beach. I have no doubts that they appreciate nicely sunburned bodies of naked men but just because of that they know the measure.

It is very important to know that for quite many women open demonstration of a man’s pride can cause completely opposite effect as it was for the author mentioned earlier. There are quite many women whose first meeting with man’s cock was in their youth in rather unpleasant circumstances, namely, they were frightfully surprised by men „who keep opening and shutting their coats”. So they only after some time can see it as something admirable. Another thing is their delight when they can feel beloved person’s cock entering their bodies but women will not always be eager to see it. At least at the beginning. I know one who overcame this barrier only when she reached 30+. Otherwise her sexual life was on the up and up.

Summing up, I can assure that for women it’s very important that a man takes after something or somebody. It is really essential that he is neat and tidy and sporty enough, not having a “beer belly”. However, women’s sexuality starts in their minds where it first flows through the ears. They will never think of setting up nightmarish standards for their guys – „90-60-90”.

They will pay attention to men’s backsides, cleanness of their footwear, hands and nails, yet the demonstration of the bareness will have less effect than, for example, a dinner at the candlelights and a nice bouquet of flowers before it. Although it won’t do any harm to combine once in a while the dinner with the bareness that has been hardened in physical activities.

Have a nice Day and be careful!

Paul Lasaro

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