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Speak to any single womanly liberal on this property about the dating sight as well as she will tell you how it is: shitty. The most ordinary complaints I hear are that all the good liberal people are either taken or insincere in addition to young. However, I am quite certain that these are just excuse we women use when we decide to drink whiskey as well as listen to sad music alone in our dorm rooms instead of going out and facing possible dissatisfaction.

While we like to think that we are so autonomous plus much too busy saving the world to worry about relationships, in these ever more cold winter months, we secretly all pine for someone to nestle. We are just sick of running into unenlightened frat boys at every party we attend. However, the progressive community is devastatingly small as well as like the overall Vanderbilt population, it is made up of more women than calling men.

·         Get a hold active! There are additional women than calling men in nearly all the progressive groups on campus. If you connect a new group, I assure that your attendance will not go unnoticed. So stop bitching about domination, put on a nice shirt and go to a Vandyke’s meeting. After all, what is sexier than a hot male feminist is?

·         So dudes: if you are broadminded, single as well as heterosexual, you are also in high demand. Why don’t you have to swat women away from you? Maybe they just do not know you are on the same team. However, not to worry, I have created a handy little guide to help you prove that you are in fact the socially conscious woman-worshipping Adonis we have all been waiting for. Five enormous ways to demonstrate how completely progressive you are:

·         Go the other mile. Pick up trash on campus, sell your SUV for a more energy efficient car, and be sure to make your following opinions known in class whenever possible-you never know who might be blushing when you start bashing Bush.

·         Start your own revolution. Everybody has something want to fight. You can start by passing out fliers, making t-shirts, etc. Then move on to leading a direct action campaign. This way you can at the same time draw concentration to your hot self and achieve social change!

·         Pay money for socially conscious gifts. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, as well as nothing says love superior than a bar of fair trade chocolate.

·         Smash gender stereotypes whenever possible. If you make dinner with a date, propose that you cook, or at least insist on doing the dishes. Watching football while she cleans up is absolutely a faux pas.

·         In addition, as always when pursuing women, try to be idealistic and do not be an asshole!

If these suggestions do not work, there is still another way to discover the progressive love of your existence!

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