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Dear readers, last week I was in a real deep thought. So I decided to share such thought with you; I wanted to find the basis behind a very common phrase – “I think I am in Love”. Does anyone has a true and clear definition of love; please do not make any reference to your English dictionaries; and even if someone defines love, will it be common to all.

There is a very thin line of demarcation between love & attraction which most of us are not willing to separate, may be because of lack of maturity or patience. One can be attracted to any other person who may seem charming, appealing, famous or powerful to him; but love on the other hand is a very strong bonding which comprises of trust, faith, reliability, understanding and truthfulness. There is nothing like Love at first sight but it may be attraction at first sight.

I don’t say that if one is attracted to someone he cannot be in love with such other person. But, for loving you need to have affection and devotion. Let us take for example love between a child and a mother- a simple change of expression on the face of the child is understood by the mother and she makes all her devoted efforts to make her child smile and be happy. The component of affection is obviously present in the above example.

In our teenage or even some years after that, we tend to get attracted to the opposite sex many a times, but the problem arises when people tend to commit themselves for such other person. It’s never wrong to commit yourself when you are actually in love but that does not mean taking risky measures to prove you are in love, it’s just that you need to follow the components of love in a devoted manner and when you have successfully followed them there remains no scope to prove your love. One has to be very careful especially in such young age because they tend to move away from their responsibilities and social values as they do not wish to understand the true nature of a relationship.

When someone says,” what can you do for me? “, its highly impractical to say,” I can bring stars for you” or even” I can die for you”, someone please tell me that what is the purpose of loving someone so deeply that you don’t even want to live if such person so wishes; basically all such are influence of many of movies or such magazines. Hence, the simple reply to such a question can be, “you can trust me”, but only if you seriously mean it; because you don’t have any right to play with someone’s emotions.

It is also not necessary that you should marry the person whom you love, but it is actually necessary to love the person whom you marry.

So I request you to please be mature and practical before saying – “I think I am in LOVE”


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