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The true face of a player is a far cry from the dashing or exciting act they display. How a player “wins” is by pretending to be anything and anyone other than themselves. So by their own actions they are admitting their true self is a looser because they hide it.

But wait there is more! This one little strategic action also shows a great deal of personal weakness. They are too weak to be themselves or that their true self is just plain weak.

A player can’t like themselves very much because they hide their true self. In order to win players attempt to win over, usually by getting in bed, as many as people as they can. Seemingly by getting others into bed this reassures the player that they are liked, accepted, or empowered; that they have gained something.

Since sex is all the player is looking for they must shortly end the relationship after sex. By continuing any sort of interaction the player risks the discovery of their true self and exposes themselves to rejection. The weakest of players are cowards who simply disappear without a word, this is a power play and is done by those players lacking true power and control in their lives.

Amazingly this seems to boost up a players low self-esteem and to lessen their self loathing. The irony is that they actually think they have been accepted, liked, and empowered. In fact, some are so delusional as to think the sex was good.

Reality check for da players; over 90% of women fake their orgasms the first time having sex with a new partner. Why? To build up their partners confidence so that they might get it right in the future or the sex is so terrible the woman just wants it over. A good rule of thumb is that if it the first time having sex, the sex lasted under 15 minutes, and she says she came 4 times . . . go with the latter of the two.

Unfortunately, players are so caught up in the game and their own illusion that they never see the reality right under their noises and end up passing up some incredible women. Women that are true winners and would over look the players’ short comings of hitting a few walls in life.

Players lack the strength to be emotionally open. It may be a good head rush at first but the trail of broken hearts of those who were brave enough to have feelings for those players show a very selfish and callous person who is dangerous in nature. The psychology of a player and a serial killer is very similar in its motives of power, control, and emotional detachment.

Players are not winners, there is nothing glamorous about it. They will never take the checkered flag themselves and are not worth the time and effort until they committ to being their real selves and opening their hearts. Don’t open your heart or anything else to them. They will never love or respect anything about anyone they are trying to win until they grow up.


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