Anyaele sam chiyson`s five laws of emotional close friendship!

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1. Guide your heart with all diligence so that you affect each other positively with your words in view of the fact that words do not cost little. Words are the energy that drives the medium of your relationship; they determine your direction, demonstrate your dignity and detect your destination. What you say is what you have; your relationship can work well if i want it to. The power of appreciation and affection, aptitude and attitude, ability and capability in relationship is in the words you speak thoughtfully to the each other.

2. There may not be a pandemonium; we may not need to go to the netherworld to get the drift and the hang of the reality about corruption and contravention because some may not have the privilege of returning back to this three-dimensional world. We may not need to cut a rug on a collision course basis to take into our heads that the flash of an eyelid with respect to cloud nine or ardent apotheosis of mind and feelings as a result of sexual looseness does not worth the dangers and demotion one is initiating one`s self into. Be sexual faithful.

3. Nothing tears to shreds and blow one`s self ideal, self-image and self-esteem to bits like an unlawful relation and treacherous act which begins in the heart. No matter how involved you are in a legal or sexual relationship; learn to control your feelings of strong physical desire to have sex with somebody, usually without associated feelings of love or affection. Do all you can to earn respect for yourself and yearn for life of no regret. Self-control in this day and age is as important as your life in time to come; the absoluteness and soundness of any relationship is self-control and mission-control.

4. A girl who easily gets sexual and intimate with a man she just met should get wiser and smarter if she set her heart upon being able to write victory song; men hold in high esteem girls who have just regard for themselves.

5. Sexual morality, virginity and integrity are mentality and creativity a maiden brings in conjugality. A woman who has never had sexual intercourse and see through the lubricated muscular tube that connects the cervix her womb to the vulva as her pride will not just see the virtue in it, but will feel admiration and deference her body.

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