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The one question that has haunted every man on the surface of this planet is that ‘what is the correct way to approach a woman’. For ages men have tried several tricks but failed to attract woman of their dreams. Nothing seems to work for their mission to attract women. A young boy finds it difficult approaching girls in his high school.

There are no particular rules on how one should approach women without the fear of rejection. This is probably the reason that most of the guys never take a step ahead in approaching girls. The worst part is that most of them hesitate in seeking help for the mater. They believe that this would bring them in a category of losers.

Here are some tips which could be of help in order to attract women. The most important fact that should be kept in mind while approaching women is that woman gets attracted to confident men. Confidence is the key factor a guy should work on when approaching girls. Lack of confidence and being shy are two completely different things. There is a very thin line that differentiates the two entities. Confidence would definitely help you in approaching girls with increased chances of success.

A quick approach without hesitation is sure to attract women attention. The idea is that this will help prevent approach anxiety, which is very common among the guys approaching girls. If you delay working on the opportunity to approach women immediately, there are chances that pessimistic thoughts make you nervous about it. Another way of getting rid of the anxiety before you approach woman of your thoughts is to talk to your own self.
The one thing that will surely help you attract women is being your own self. Pretension is one thing that becomes a turn off for most of the people. You need not present yourself as someone you are not. If you want to attract women then do not do any thing extra ordinary. Women like guys who are simple. Any kind of tantrums might help you attract women, but that would not last long. Approaching girls becomes easier if you are being true and honest, both, to your own self and to the girl you like. Honesty is always appreciated and rewarded.

In particular it is very important in the journey to attract a women that looks are taken care of. By saying this I do not mean that you should stick to the mirror round the clock but I just mean that you should keep organized. Being presentable and polite also helps attract women. This makes you look far friendlier and more amicable. With these decently killing looks you might not need to approach women and instead they approach you. Also, clean and tidy men will find it easier to attract women as they need not worry about bad breath or bad body odor.
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