Are you saying "i want my ex back"

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I Want My Ex Back

Are you a troubled man who finds himself saying “I Want my Ex Back” If so, then I have some answers for you. This information will also be useful for a woman who asks how do i get my ex husband back.  The same principles apply, even for girlfriends and boyfriends saying “I Want my Ex Back“.

No other example of commitment is as perfect as that of a marriage, especially because in this union, two people share their lives as lovers, friends and sometimes parents. In marriage, there is not only moments of ecstasy, of happiness and blessing, but there are conflicts and differences of opinion. The romance of marriage decreases with time as the spark and flame you used to have is becoming increasingly less and this is hard to bear sometimes. The marriage vows made during your best times are a distant memory. If this sounds familiar, if you are a man who has divorced or is separated without really wanting to and who now wants to get his wife back, than read this article with your wife in mind, this may be just the help you need. It is time for you to admit your mistakes and to try to get that person back who means so much to you.


What to do to win back your ex-wife?

If you are not yet divorced from your wife, but you no longer live under the same roof, it will be easier if that if you have already been divorced, but if you are divorced hope is not lost. If the divorce is pending or if it has just started, you will have to take matters into your own hands. If you made the decision to end the relationship, or whether it was by her, or perhaps both) is not there is still time, it is now time to act and let her know. That seems easier said than done, but if you want your ex-wife back and to stop saying I want my ex back again and again, you’ll have to do the right thing.

Here are some tips that will help:

1. Put your ego aside:

Your heart hurts, your wife is gone, there is a void present and it is growing every day, but you can not tell her. It is still possible, only your male ego stops you from taking the first step. On the other hand, your ego may force you to highlight the shortcomings, errors and all that was wrong with her. Come on gentlemen, you are a man! If you are still wanting to work this relationship out, then tell her. Put your ego aside for a minute, it’s not your ego that will bring you love. You do not have much time to make amends, sincerely apologize and tell her how much you miss her before it’s too late.

2. Communication:

Communication is your main weapon in winning back your ex-wife. Maybe it was not just your fault and it usually never is,it always take two to tango. Even though it was mostly your fault (infidelity, lack of love, jealousy, unmet needs, etc.) you have to make many sincere apologies, it is the only way to win her back. By making excuses, it will not win you her love, you may have a chance of being re-loved, accepted and appreciated if you apologize sincerely and make a plan for it to never happen again. Do not think that you are not a man without pride, it is the contrary. Try at all costs to defuse the conflict that has developed between you two. Explain the problem and how everything has been misunderstood and miscalculated by the two of you.

3. Do not exceed the limits:

- Do not continue to be a womanizer, or not help out around the house. Give her time to think. She will ultimately have to let you know if she wants you back in her life.

- Do not expect shows of affection right after your apology, it takes time to heal and to forgive. Give her time to make her choice.

- Change for the better. Divorce shows that you had some gaps in the understanding of your partnership. To overcome these shortcomings, you will need to become a better person and not just try, but succeed in your solutions to fixing this problem. You must learn from your mistakes. If you work on your personality, your attitude and your major problems than your ex-wife will give you perhaps a second chance.

- If she is seeing someone else already, do not blame her for moving on. – If she has already turned the page, do as much as you can and try to move on.

- Forgive and forget the painful events. This is the best way to start a new chapter.


Realizing the value, the love and the appreciation for your ex-wife is a big step for a man who wants to win her back. In your attem

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