Arranged marriages

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In this modern twenty first century arranged marriages are very rare to see. Men and women are free to choose their partner according to their choice and preference. There is no compulsion of arranged marriages on them because they believe in individualism. But still in some countries of Asia like India, Pakistan and Afghanistan the system of arranged marriage is still prevailing. The system of arranged marriage is somewhat different from the love marriage. In arranged marriage neither the bride nor the groom has the choice to choose their partner for their life. Parents of the bride and groom decide partner for them according to their preference and choice.

Many Americans think that arranged marriage prevailed only in the Elizabethan era. But the system of arranged marriage still prevails in some countries of the world and especially among the Indian and Muslim families. There are many systems of arranged marriage which are followed in India and Pakistan. Sometimes the marriages are fixed between the families even when the bride and groom are in their tender age. It is also seen at some places that even during the wedding ceremony couples are still strangers. They can see their faces after the wedding is over. So these are some of the systems of typical arranged marriages which still prevail in some countries.

India is the country which follows the low divorce rate which is mainly due to the system of arranged marriages. Though India has a very low divorce rate it does not mean that the couples are happy. But, it is also true that some problem prevails in every stage of life. It is believed that in India about ninety five percentages of marriages are arranged by the parents. Bride and groom have no part to play in the selection of their life mates. There are many factors which are taken into consideration by the parents while considering spouse for their son or daughter. The factors, which are considered by the parents, are caste, culture, social and financial status of the opposite party. Even in this modern world, when dowry system is totally banned it prevails in many parts of the India. For many families in India and Pakistan dowry plays an important role in arranged marriages.

Now, if we talk about the Elizabethan era arranged marriages were very common at that time. Girls and women were very obedient to their parents and husband during this era. From the early childhood of the women they were taught that men are always superior to women. So whatever decisions were taken by the parents was accepted by the girls.

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