Asian dating sites losing male members

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I never thought this day would come. After 5 years of running Melinda’s Filipina Penpals and Asian Dating we have a man shortage. This is a complete reversal of a few years ago. Too many men and not enough Filipina ladies was always the norm before. I am sure many Asian ladies have noticed the change with fewer responses to their dating profiles.

During late 2007 and early 2008 our Filipina dating site was about 62% male. Guys were facing fierce competition, and ladies from the Philippines were getting all the attention. This gave ladies the option of being very picky when deciding on which introductory messages to respond to or ignore. The majority of guys received few or no responses at all.

As of June 2009 our membership base is now 55% Filipina women. Asian ladies now out number the single men by a significant margin. This is very good news for all those men still interested in finding a Filipina lady. Unfortunately, this is not so good for the Filipina ladies still interested in dating foreign men. Sparse and incomplete profiles will no longer bring in many responses for the ladies.

The Shortage of Men

It’s the economy stupid. One may question this and say people have not stopped communicating because of the economy. There are still many active dating and social networking sites on the Internet. Guys do not give up on love because they lost a job or took a cut in salary. I agree that guys are still looking for love.

However, dating between Western men and Filipina ladies brings with it a unique set of circumstances. These are long distance relationships which cost a lot of money. Traveling to meet your potential partner, immigration paperwork, attorney fees, medical exams, all of this adds up over time. Many guys in this economy have decided the dream of marrying an Asian lady is no longer compatible with their current economic situation.

The good news is that all of this will probably change when the economy improves. There are a certain number of guys that still prefer to date and marry Asian ladies. Many of them are just sitting on the sidelines and waiting for their own financial situation to improve.

Too Many Fake Profiles

One cannot underestimate this as an important factor in the cooling off of men seeking Asian ladies. There is a saturation of suspect Asian dating sites on the Internet today. Some of these sites seem to encourage scammers with fake model pictures to sign up.

In the short term this may increase memberships. Some guys mistakenly believe these Asian ladies are real women seeking love. What they soon realize is that many of the profiles are women and men using fake model pictures. The motivation is purely financial.

After a few of these experiences many guys decide Asian dating it is not worth the risk. A coworker in the office suddenly becomes more attractive, because at least he knows she is the real deal.

Online Asian Dating and the Future

In the short run I expect to see the shortage of men continue. As the economy improves some will come back to the Asian dating scene. However, whether things ever return to what they were a few years ago is still in question. This depends on whether guys wise up.

If more guys start using common sense the suspect sites will go under one by one. But if Western men continue to pay scam dating sites membership fees it will have a negative long term effect. Many Asian dating sites will see their male memberships dry up as guys become increasingly frustrated.

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