Asking a woman for a date on the street

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We are now going to talk about a subject that puts fear into most men. Trying to chat a girl up on the street! There are numerous problems with this method, number being what the hell are you supposed to say?

Well “hi” would be a good start, but after that what? You don’t want to say “Hi” and then just stand there with nothing else to say do you. Well this is were the numbers game comes into play. You are going to tell her your name and that you noticed her and would she like to have a coffee with you now! Yes now, not sometime, not next week, now!

The reason you say now is a lot of girls may just girl you a fake number or something without even giving you a chance but if you go for a coffee there and then she has a chance to get to know you and you her. Hell, you might decide she is boring and you are not interested.

Now using this approach a whole lot of girls are going to say no or that they have a boyfriend etc. You are going to get rejected a lot but don’t feel bad. If there is one thing that girls love then it is confidence and there is nothing more ballsy then going to to a girl in the street and asking her out for a coffee.

So try it I think you’ll be surprised at just how many dates you can get this way. A lot of the girls will turn you down out of shock because they are not used to being asked out in the middle of the street but some girls will say “sure” simply because your confidence in asking them out in the street impressed them. Now you just need to keep them entertained while having a coffee and your good to go.

I’ll admit it, you need a lot of balls to try this, but what have you got to lose? You will not see these people again and after a couple of rejections you will get used to it. Just look at it as a game and don’t think of rejection as a personal insult and you will be fine.

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