Basic legal jargon you may run across during your divorce court case

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Sometimes, all that legal mumbo-jumbo can be so confusing.  But as long as you know the basics, you’ll easily be able to understand anything that you read that comes from the courts, and knowledge is definitely power when you’re dealing with your ex-wife and her attorney.

DISSOLUTION–essentially, “divorce.”  Dissolution of marriage is typically how you seen this word used.

MAINTENANCE–this is typically more popularly known as alimony.  This is typically used to help the ex-wife get on her feet after the divorce, and can supplement her own income.

PLAINTIFF–the person who filed and began the initial divorce proceedings.

DEFENDANT–otherwise known as the respondent, and the person who received the suit from the plaintiff.

COMPLAINT–initial statement that is sent to the court by the plaintiff stating the issues at hand and information the supplements their lawsuit.

JURISDICTION–the authority of the court over the defendant in the lawsuit.

RECONSIDERATION–this is essentially a new trial that can be started due to an error or belief of error by the judge in the previous, original divorce court trial.

ARBITRATION–someone else that makes decisions regarding the case before and outside of the courtroom.  This is typically a lot less costly than taking the case in front of a jury or judge.

MEDIATION–an agreed-upon process in which you will come together and negotiate certain terms of the divorce well before the issue goes into court.  This can also be done and agreed upon, or even enforced, by a judge.

By knowing these terms, you will have an advantage over your ex-wife, especially if she is going through the divorce Pro Se as well!

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