Beautiful indian wedding decorations

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Weddings are very special occasions. They bring closer families and people. Weddings mean a lifetime commitment and promise of togetherness. Relatives, friends come together to bless the couple and celebrate with them the commitment the couple is entering. Weddings include food, dressing up, decoration, dance and making merry.

All the festivities are all about celebrations and decorations. Decorations are also symbolic of the happiness that is in the hearts of people present at the joyous occasion. Indian wedding décor is a lot more than décor. It is a thing of pride, a thing of status and a thing of joy. Every family member participates in decorations and celebrations. Decorations hence become an occasion of working together and preparing together for one big moment that is going to bring the families attached with a lot of joy and colour into their lives.

The Indian weddings involve a lot of functions that are part of the festivities. There are different decors for each one of them. There is a pre-wedding décor for the customs and ceremonies before the wedding. Then, there are wedding day decorations and post wedding decorations.

Pre-wedding ceremonies are all about traditions and customs. The décor for pre-wedding customs will be traditional. There would be chairs, canopies, colourful flowers and auspicious leaves of trees to grace the occasion and serve as decorations.

Wedding décor involves a much elaborate setting. There would be chandeliers, lights serving as decorations. Also, beautiful carpets are used all around to add grace and royal touch to the décor. People opt for traditional and contemporary decors as per their personalities. Diyas, candles, rangolis all add up to beautiful Indian decors. Colourful lights, chandeliers, carpets, sophisticated flowers like lilies, roses etc. make for a great contemporary décor for an Indian wedding and add an air of fusion into the traditional Indian wedding. Lanterns and colourful lamps, matkis, frills etc. are used to add colours to the decorations.

Post wedding decorations can be light and less elaborate. Post weddings customs are close knit and homely affairs which have natural décor. Flowers and tree-leaves, rangolis etc. are used to decorate ceremonies that take place after the wedding.

Taking care of little details in an INDIAN WEDDING DECORATION can really be taxing and nerve wrecking as a lot of customs and traditions envelop a wedding. Indian weddings revolve around blessings, what is auspicious and a lot of positivity from every one. Therefore, an INDIAN WEDDING DÉCOR involves a lot more than just what looks good, it is more about what should be there and what brings luck, for instance, bright lights and ‘paan leaves’ etc. Hiring good WEDDING DECORATORS to assist you in planning, decorating, managing your wedding is always a great idea! Go ahead and have a beautiful wedding!

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