Before you get on the man safari jeep

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Before you go out and venture out on your own “Man Safari” get clear on why?  Why do you want to go out and date, meet a man, venture out into the dating world?

Let’s start by looking at a few reasons as to why some women want to go out and date:

  • Do you feel you are getting old and your chance of finding your life partner or having children is slipping away?
  • Do you want to have a boyfriend so you can feel beautiful again or get over your ex, once and for all?!?
  • Do you dream of being a bride and having a Cinderella wedding?
  • Are you tired of being alone and just desperately want to find a man for a long-term committed relationship already? 

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you are NOT ready to get on the Safari Jeep, meaning you are not ready to get out there on to the dating scene.

If you desperately want to be in a relationship then that is the worst time to go out and date.  If you’re too desperate, you could easily compromise your values and morals and end up with the wrong guy.

Basically, you could up with “Mr. Wrong” not because your “Mr. Right” doesn’t exist, not because you just wanted a meaningful, long-term, committed relationship and men won’t commit but rather, because sadly, you may have been just been too desperate to get a boyfriend. I know it sounds awful. I know “desperate” doesn’t sound like you. You may deny it, you may fight it, but the percentage of the time that this is true, is overwhelming. I’m sorry.

If you are unclear of whether or not you are ready to go out and date, check with your best girlfriends. Ask women you trust, women you know care about you. Ask them whether or not they think you are ready to date. If they say “no”, BELIEVE THEM. Always be sure you have a good set of gal pals to confide in while you are out on your Safari. You both confide and trust another woman or you do it alone and trust me, you cannot do it alone.

Before venturing out on your own Man Safari, be clear, are you ready to date? Why are you dating? For casual fun? To meet your future husband? To get over the old ex??? BE CLEAR!!!!

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