Believing in secret relationships or not

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Do you have a secret relationship that’s being kept secret?

It creates excitement, both physically and sexually. Most couples keep theirs a secret, simply because they have their personal reasons for doing that. It sounds so exciting and adventurous that at times people are wondering why these couples are beaming with smiles all the time.

It is rather a debatable issue as to whether secret relationships do always work or not.

On the one hand, if the relationship was made known public, the couples would openly mention their partners throughout the day in their casual conversations. It would be a norm to simply mention things you do see, say or do together.

On the other extreme, a secret relationship would require couples to be overly cautious in mentioning anything pertaining to the relationship, in any casual conversations. It does create a lot of stress and tension when both partners have to keep matters low key and behave in unison when it comes to doing the same things.

Added to stress and tension is the constant worrying of being seen together, when dining, at the movies, or even on a walk down the road holding hands.

There are exceptions to keeping the relationship a secret, simply because you are good friends and it has blossomed to become more than just being friends; and you want still to be seen together without people suspecting anything about the relationship.

In such cases, the friendship is kept a secret, which sounds a good idea in case things did not work out well, so that friends would never have to know.

There are instances where co-workers in the workplace who started dating keep their relationship a secret for reasons of job security because such dating might be discouraged in their workplace.

The question of having a secret relationship or not, is debatably a matter of the maturity of the mind. If you and your partner do not have the penchant for a secret relationship for reasons of guilt, doubt and embarrassment, then the most logical course of action is to stay away from delving in it.

The power of the relationship is firmly guided by the maturity of the mind. The law of the universe will naturally guide you and your partner to equate the relationship at its best possible level, rightfully or wrongfully. It is all purely a matter of your own conscience.

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