Benefits of tantric massage

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Not only is tantric massage a wonderful way to spend a few hours with your partner, it also has numerous health benefits too. Clearly, men and women are very different in physical appearances but their bodies share some common themes when it comes to illness. Tantric massage can help certain conditions regardless whether you are male or female.
The first obvious benefit is the reduction of stress. Stress cannot remain in a truly relaxed body. Tantric massage aims to relax every fiber of being and that means stress is truly and thoroughly removed. The calm state of mind that ensues will last for a long time and any difficulties that need to be dealt with can be looked at in a completely new and relaxed way.
Tantric massage will also increase vitality and energy. This can help you engage in life with a renewed passion. Energy gives a person youthful appearance and this can definitely slow the ageing process. The body is able to renew and repair itself more readily and easily. In addition, life in general takes on a more pleasing overture.

One unique feature is that sexual problems can be overcome in both males and females with the help of tantric massage. Being more aware of the sensations in the body is a very liberating experience. Awareness brings with it more control. Additionally, some of the techniques can help a man extend his lovemaking by delaying orgasm. This very often can be a permanent solution to this common difficulty.

The sexual energy is said to arise from the root chakra at the base of the spine and engaging in sexual energy increases the kundalini spiritual energy so it rises through the body connecting with the spiritual chakras. This has the effect bringing in the balance of the physical body with the spiritual essence.

The breath work that is an integral part of the tantric massage process can help in everyday life, especially when there is a danger of feelings or emotions spiraling out of control. A destructive emotion such as anger can be made to quickly subside and more balanced feelings take its place. This uses the control in a positive way which is helpful to achieve a more pleasing solution and lower everyone’s blood pressure.

When the spiritual is in alignment with the physical, then you will often feel happier no matter what is happening in life. This contentment allows you to deal more easily with life’s problems which can be easily achievable through the means of tantric massage.

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