Beyond "i do": doing marriage god's way

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I have noticed severally that some people looking for love have most of the times found help in unusual places.

A cousin of mine found his heart throb in an unusual place – at the post office. He had gone to post some letters but found out that his money would not be able to buy postage stamps for all the letters that he had. As he turned to leave in disappointment a lady’s voice called him back, and before he could say a word, the correct amount of postage stamps for all the letters were handed over to him. The letters were finally posted.

This kind gesture from an unknown lady made him to wait for the kind-heard lady outside. They later fell in love and marriage bells began to toll. When they walked down the aisle of the Church to take their hands in marriage, there was no inkling of a doomed denouncement. How could that be? The bells that pealed in celebration drowned out any fears of future trouble, as the people rejoiced. It was a union that gladdens the heart. But sad enough, no body, not even the husband will be able to pinpoint exactly the moment when the marriage began to fall apart. Yet even before the couple uttered their marriage vows, the wife clearly had concerns about the upcoming union. The couple danced cheek to cheek at the reception and embraced tenderly between themselves. Even their desperate interest seemed captivating, as if in heaven already, complementary each other. But somewhere along the line the magic departed and the demons moved in. After the first child came, the marriage was clearly in trouble despite strenuous covering from inside.

Has the wine of tour marriage finished or is about to finish? Has it gone sour, ready to be poured out? Jesus was in a wedding that ran out of wine, but His presence restored the hope of the couple to continue with the celebration. The problem that is rocking or about to rock the boat of your marriage today is because the Lord’s presence is not felt around you. Your problem is also compounded because you thought that the best place to find love is in another person. That’s not true: it’s in a Book, the Bible. The presence of Jesus in every home makes all the difference. In the Bible, we read of God’s great love for us. He loves us like no one else ever could, and He remains the best companion we will ever have.

To do marriage God’s way, let’s avoid marriage by sentiments and lust; let’s get married according to the will of God!

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