Breasts. to touch them with one’s lips

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To touch, to feel, to take delight, to kiss with warm and moist lips. To fondle with a gentle touch of fingers – it is only the beginning of the desires caused by grand temptation. The temptation caused by the beauty of breast nakedness. They really glow with the warmth that you want to link with the warmth of hands – take them into a warm hand and warm up, feeling how two warmth flow together…

Every time when there is a chance to glide your hands off under the beloved’s blouse, shirt’s list and feel them, every time a slight feeling of excitement overcomes you. It is like a moment before you will not only see, but also will feel them, will enjoy something mildly beautiful and softly gentle. A moment when your sweet-heart gets free of everything that hides her nakedness is one of the most wonderful sights in the world! Even repeated thousand times it is always unique in some way.

It is a moment when it’s a time to carry on by yourself, taking off everything you still have on – it’s time for T-shirt to fly away, if it is a shirt then you have to get rid of it – button after button so that warmth of your chest can join up the gentle warmth of your beloved. To wind your arms around your beloved is pretty but hug of two people’s nakedness is something special.

It is a moment when to unite in a kiss, when you can kiss her neck, to feel with your lips her earlobes, tickling with your tongue and carefully spreading her neck with some kisses go down and down to enjoy the beauty of her breast nakedness. To enjoy and taste. To warm them intently with your hands and fingertips. Your fingers feeling the nipples, a touch is extremely wary – as if you would try to touch a warm drop of water and only then caress can become more enjoyable, playfully enjoyable. It is a way leading to allusion of both gentle breast “buds”.

It is a moment when to give them a kiss of warm and moist lips – to one and the other nipple. To clasp gently them with your lips touching them by tip of the tongue. Just for a moment embrace them with your lips and clasp cuddly. To touch them slightly with your teeth tops. To give them a passionately courteous kiss, voluptuously passionate and warmly hearty. To taste the breast nakedness, enjoy it’s unique beauty!

Life might sometimes offer us some nice pleasures of enjoyment. You need to see them and appreciate. Taste. Have a good try!

Have a nice day and be careful,

Paul Lasaro (with breasts kiss picture)

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