Bridge that joins heart and mind

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So here I jump up with My first article to the whole world………

Ask yourselves what this topic brings to your mind? Now let me tell it, the motive behind this article is to help you know how to sustain that bridge.

A bridge is something that connects two ends, according to me a best friend is the one who connects your heart and mind. So here bridge is a best friend. Many people must be thinking what is the difference between a friend and a best friend. Let me tell you this with a situation— assume you are in an earthquake attack area and you can take only one of your friends at a time so the starting few which come to your mind are the best ones.

I have heard many of them saying best friend can only be “one”, whereas this is just a condition made by some people. Now any normal person will ask who is the best friend, and how can we differentiate him/her from others? The answer to this is we can’t differentiate them by face or something, the thing that puts them on the top of our list is their thinking, nature, decision making at critical situation, support at tough time and last but not the least their frankness towards and about anything in this damn world.

All my friends have good nature and posses these qualities… this may be your answer but the truth is you don’t want to have those bridges i.e. you don’t want to think both by mind and heart. Another important misconception of normal people is a boy and a girl can’t be best friends, which I don’t agree with. The reason behind which is that everyone thinks that there generates an attraction among opposite sex which is somewhat true but if you are mature enough to think about you and your life then you can easily suppress that feeling and continue a wonderful friendship.

One last point which is very much necessary in my life is that you may find yourself in a position of fight or an argument with that bridge, but at that time your job is to handle that bridge with utmost care otherwise the two ends: mind and heart will collapse.

Now to explain the last point it in detail I give you an example of my life when you consider someone your best friend and after being too much frank or open you get a condition that he/she is hurt by you. The night I wrote this, just before that one of my bridges say x, asked me to be frank about something and I did so. Now the mistake that I did was to act first then think which is the biggest problem in at least 55% of population. So when I thought about it I got to know I was not so clear and x took it otherwise so my bridge was shattered. As a result I wrote it.

So in this last paragraph I just want to explain to all you geeks that first of all find your bridges and maintain it, polish it, and if ever it breaks do anything you can do to build it back. I can just try to tell you all but can’t tell you how exactly one feels after that crack appears in the bridge. So I just pray hope you all will maintain your bridges…..

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