Can feng shui save you from divorce?

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Many people ask me about feng shui and love and if  feng shui can help their marriage. My answer will always be, yes and no. I believe that if you really want an answer to that question then, you should hire a professional feng shui consultant together with marriage consultant, But, what if you can’t afford right now this service? Then you should read this.

 Feng shui is not something that you do, but something that you already have. It means that when you buy your house or rent it, either way, the feng shui is there. The  only question left is  whether your house has been  blessed with  feng shui, ie a good feng shui or whether has not. How can you test it? First you should  look back in time and try to think when problems have arisen and for how long. Its  true that every relationship suffers crisis and difficulties, but when dealing with divorce, there Is all most no way back, and usually we know when it all began.

 Here are 3 feng shui rules that can help to find whether feng shui can save your marriage:

 Try to remember who sold you your house? Or who live there before you? Was it a happy family? Singles? Couples who got divorces? If you did not pay attention to those facts,  most likely that some of their energies has some influence on your life. However, there is still a chance that things well get better, look at tip no 2.

 Secondly, answer this question, how long do you live in the house your live in now? Did you make a serious renovation? If you did and problems accrued some time afterword, than   you may have changed the balance in your environment without even knowing. In this case, the answer to this question may be no.

 Thirdly, tip about feng shui bedroom. look at your bedroom and be honest with your self when answering  more  questions: is your bedroom has no windows? Is your bedroom look like a storeroom? Does your bedroom look pail, with no colors at all, with out  nice paintings on the walls, or has broken objects around? Is the door of your  bathroom located  in your bedroom constantly open?

Once you have answered positively to at least two  of these questions, you should know feng shui might help your marriage with some other help.

 All of the above is just to give you and idea of how our house  and good feng shui can impact our life and even more specific, actually influence our relationship. In the end, the choices we take  in life are ours, but there some other forces beyond our understanding and our sight that can help on making that choices. Exploring the world of Feng shui is all about  knowing how to use those forces to your benefit and others,  and will help you make the best choices for your life.  


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