Can romantic getaways help you save your marriage?

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Sometimes, all it really takes to get your marriage, and your life, back on track is a little time away from the world. In that sense, it’s very much possible for a romantic getaway to be instrumental in saving your marriage. But, you have to be willing to leave the rest of your baggage at home in order to make the most of this time away.

Perhaps the better choice of words would be “how can romantic getaways help you save your marriage?” There are actually quite a few.

1)   Gives you neutral territory. Have you ever noticed that even within your own home there are areas where you feel stronger in arguments and disagreements than others? It’s quite likely that your spouse has noticed the same thing too. Getting out of the house and finding neutral territory means that neither of you have a clear advantage as you discuss what’s going on in your marriage and whether or not you’re both willing to work to save it.

2)   Takes you away from some of the sources of conflict. If work is a constant struggle or the children then you’re getting away from the things that add to the conflict between you. This is important because you need that time away in order to sort out how you really feel about each other and the situation.

3)   It allows cooler heads to prevail. When you’re at home together you’re surrounded by all the emotions that have been driving you for so long. When you get out of the house and away for a day or two you’ll be better able to step back from the emotions in order to make logical and rational decisions.

4)   You now have time to talk uninterrupted by the demands of work, children, and other priorities. You can be your first priority while you’re away. It’s wise to take that attitude home with you, to a certain degree, when you leave. Your marriage needs to become a priority in your life. Too many couples leave it as an afterthought and there’s just nothing left at the end of the day to give to the marriage.

5)   Rediscover your laughter. Remember when you were dating? You laughed together all the time. How long has it been since the two of you have shared a laugh? Use this getaway as an opportunity to find your inner fun together.



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