Casino player information: craps for the crappy player

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How often have you walked up to the craps table and played with a table full of crappy players? You know the type. They toss the dice off the table. Not once and not even twice. That’s the way they shoot the dice.

I used to be one of those crappy players but I loved the game so much that I made up my mind early in my dice-shooting days that I wasn’t going to be shooting those little babies off the table. If I couldn’t keep them on the felt then I was going to pass them to someone who could. That’s when I began to really concentrate on the art of throwing dice and low and behold—I was told I was sliding them!

Now, for those of you who are dice experts and I’m sure there are some of you out there who think you are, you know that a true “slider” is hard to find these days. First, the tables today are hard to slide the dice across and secondly, if you are a “slider” then the casino bosses will eye you for a moment and then slide you politely out the door! In my humble opinion, no one slides the dice and gets by with it even if it’s possible. In any event, I decided early on that I didn’t want to be labeled a slider any more than I wanted to toss the dice off the table and four rows over into Grandma’s toddy.

That’s when it hit me. There had to be a better approach to playing dice.

You’ve heard the expression that practice makes perfect and I must tell you that the same holds true for playing craps. If you are going to shoot those little cubes when you are playing dice, then you have to learn how to toss ‘em and you gotta learn how to set ‘em!

A lot of crappy craps players will never listen to advice about their “skills,” or lack of them. If they’ve had one lucky roll where they’ve held the dice for more than just a point or two, some players feel they are golden. Never mind the fact that this has happened one time or the fact that their monster roll consists of about three minutes tops. I can understand. I relate. Sometimes, you have a budget set aside for gambling and you aren’t going to be happy until you’ve spent it all. Well, then, craps is the best place for you. However, if you are serious about winning some money, craps is the best game in the house too but you have to be willing to practice, practice, and practice a little more if you are going to be the shooter!

There are a lot of craps sites on the internet that talk about dice sets and perfecting your toss so if you are tired of being a crappy craps player, check those sites out. Conduct a search and find a site that will guide you through the best dice sets for come-out rolls and various other points. You’ll be glad you did and those you meet on the rail at the next casino you patronize will be very grateful too!

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