Catch a cheating spouse with online tools

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The mere thought of your partner cheating on you is enough to make you cringe, but with a few sneaky techniques to catch a cheating spouse you can put your mind at ease. This article outlines the best internet methods you can use to catch your spouse red handed.


Investigate Facebook Friends


Facebook is a great social tool, but it also has the potential to ruin the lives of cheaters. Keep an eye on your spouses’ wall in case they get any suggestive messages that they aren’t quick enough to delete. You can send messages to anyone over facebook, so if you come across anything dodgy, send a quick message over the the message leaver.


Tip – Keylogging software will help you get your partner’s passwords for facebook, myspace, and any other social networking service..


Check Phone Calls Records


You might need a few technical skills for this one, but if you have multiple phone outputs in your home it is possible to record phone conversations through your computer. You’ll generally need special computer software to do this, or you can use a conventional answering machine type device

Tip – Download a spy software package, which will usually contain this kind of software.


Internet Activity


This is great to catch out “cyber-cheaters”. It’s pretty simple too, as all you need to do is get access to their computer and get into the internet history. Have a look for any porn sites or sex partner finder type sites. Sometimes your partner will leave the login and password saved in the browser.


Tip – Keylogging software is again perfect for this. You’ll be able to access passwords, emails, other messages, and practically everything that is pressed on the keyboard.


To see some more ideas and useful software, check out this Catch A Cheating Spouse website.


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