Chakra in tantra

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In its simplest form, a chakra is described as a spinning vortex of energy. The Sanskrit word for chakras means “wheel of light”. There are seven major chakras in the physical body and several minor chakras throughout the body. The seven points of energy inter-relate with the emotional, physical and spiritual side of each of us. The energy enters the chakras as yin energy and is converted to yang energy, and circulated around the body.  This life force within the body is known as “prana” or “chi.”

The constantly spinning wheels of energy (or chakras) have the ability to affect us emotionally, physically and spiritually. They are affected by our mental frame of mind. Therefore, you can see how our attitudes and our chakras are interactive.

The energy within the centres of energy (chakras) may be fast or slow, pulsating or radiant, expanded or contracted. Chakras are believed to be spinning vortex of energy within everyone. The seven major chakras are located along the route of the spine leading up to the throat, brow and crown. These energy wheels are a spiritual doorway for prana or universal energy to access the body. Each chakra corresponds more or less to a major physical point in the body, allowing the energy to transverse it thus binding the spiritual body with the physical body. The chakras can slow down in spinning and become sluggish if issues or blockages occur within the physical body.
The chakras are attributed a colour and these correspond to the colours in the rainbow. Whether this is deliberate or due to the actual colour of the energy as it oscillates to the frequency of the light wave; it is unclear. The chakras are as follows:

  • Root chakra – base of spine – red
  • Sacral chakra – naval region – orange
  • Solar plexus chakra – solar plexus – yellow
  • Heart chakra – heart – green
  • Throat chakra – throat – blue
  • Brow chakra – forehead – indigo
  • Crown chakra – crown of head – violet

The practice of tantra helps to focus the mind into a spiritual direction to open or expand consciousness. This helps a person to grow and progress in a spiritual way. Tantra practice focuses the mind and gives disciplined exercises that will help energize and release the spiritual kundalini energy to meld with the spiritual energy. This binding of body, mind and spirit gives greater harmony and presence as well as allows awareness and spirituality to grow. By using breath work and focusing on chakras, you can direct your energy in a conscious way to achieve spiritual enlightenment. This can come in the form of visions, knowing or just a plain sense of connectedness with all things.

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