Christian marriage: are you scared to depend?

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Today most people think hard (maybe even three times) before most people depend on anything or anybody even in our Christian marriage, but is dependence unhealthy. God calls us all to be reliant on Him plus our spouses. Even the biggest and most profitable companies have discovered that doing work in project teams results in much higher positive results both in creativity as well as efficiency.

So in Christian marriage, why does it make us all feel uneasy to understand we’re reliant? Will we not really depend upon God who created marriage as well? Everyone will ultimately depend upon an individual in life whether they will be ecstatic to stay in this kind of partnership or not. How about choose your spouse?

My own most unforgettable successes in married life are actually a result of our team work. As the husband, I am unable to look after my family physically and provide for them financially at the same time. When I try, it simply leads to an inner strain that can not be handled.

‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. -Alfred Lord Tennyson

Although most of us have been told the romantic quote above, I just reference it as a recognizable quote since it leaves us with little personal importance as most people fear the act of actually engaging in love even if we are married.

Real stableness comes along at the expense of acknowledging that you’re dependent on your marriage to reach your goals. Stability has turned into a luxury that many of us have not given our own marriages for a lot of different reasons. We have difficulties for a lot of reasons such as:
 -the admittance that we are not able to succeed alone
 -the psychological baggage of our earlier relationships
 -the bondage involving past sexual relationships

As Christians, if we cannot rely on God with our well-being, then it will be difficult for us to be able to have confidence in our mates. Christian marriage was designed by God to be the perfect type of companionship. In many instances, our unions erode away simply because we all attempt to succeed without God when everything is running smoothly and eventually without one another when challenging times threaten, however separation and divorce isn’t easy either. Do not end up being fooled!

It is amazing exactly how time and practical experience changes a person (and hopefully for the better). There had been a time when I was confused with the concept of renewing our vows”. Now every time I attend another wedding and reception, I am reminded that Christian marriage is a decision that has to be renewed to both our companion and also God every day.

As Christians, when we end this commitment and undergo with separation and divorce, it’s going to be hurtful for everybody necessary. This is why God merely permits it under specific circumstances, however never advises it as His will for us. Marriage should give to us some peace of mind that we are going to have a mate through the years right up until the end. Isn’t that what you promised? There is no relationship so reliable. That’s the reason our Christian marriage is important for all of us.

Challenge: Today, Step up to the plate! In your personal words, tell your mate that you’re dependent on them and God to be successful in everyday life!

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