Confused about funeral etiquette

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In the course of life people meet and they depart also. Time and situation break good relationships. Good-intimate friends and relatives can also stay apart. There is a chance of meeting once again during the course of life. But death does not give second chance at all. Losing someone very close to heart leaves a vacant place that can never be fulfilled equally. When we hear such news without any prior preparation of mind, anxiety and uncertainty make us confused. We can be confused about funeral etiquette. Proper approach to such a solemn situation can make things to feel more comfortable. It is true that this is not a time to maintain formalities but attitude matters a lot in such sad conditions.

Death can bring different situations and one need to cope up and behave considering the intensity of the situation. God spares, but if death comes to your own house, you have to be careful about the other people coming to your house to console. In such a situation, it is better to keep in mind that you are the host.  Within the grief-stricken condition, you need to be careful about your behaviour with the visitors. Even over telephone also, you have to very polite as many people find it difficult and they find no words but for care and concern they make call. Such funeral etiquette is expected from a host in spite of the fact that you have lost someone forever.

Funeral is a somber and very difficult time for most the people attending it. Many people may not have any blood-relation but still due to some social obligation and responsibilities they have to attend it to cherish the memories of the dead person. This is very tough to get right words in such a situation. Even this is very important to act in a very proper way and this is the reason why we are giving so much stress on maintaining funeral etiquette. A single posture or mistake can make everything very odd and you may feel very embarrassed. Just because you can’t act properly you can never avoid attending funerals. You need to learn certain factors before attending such ceremony and your attitude matters a lot during a time of great sadness for the family and friends of the deceased.

Arrangements of funeral ceremonies vary according to the status of the dead person and also depending on the financial strength. This does not mean there is no such need to maintain etiquette in the low cost funerals. Etiquette does not depend on the gorgeous of any occasion but it matters a lot on the purpose of it. One may have seen that people standing silently in such an attendance wearing black clothes. There is no need to wear black clothes only but maintaining good posture is enough to show respect to the whole situation. Sending flowers and a personal note can be a very good idea if you are not as comfortable in attending funerals as many people do not feel the situation homely that someone very close to heart is no more.

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