Contraceptive and birth control methods for men

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There are mainly two contraceptive birth control methods for men. They are sure to work hundred percent. These methods are abstinence and vasectomy. But other options are also available. Men can discuss with the doctor about these various methods. Before the birth control methods are chosen, one should consider the following:
1. The state of health
2. The frequency of sex
3. The number of sex partners
4. The comfort levels of you and your partner with these methods.

Sometimes even the most effective birth control methods can fail. There are many diseases which are transmitted sexually. Some contraceptive methods of birth control for men are listed below:
1. Condoms – it is a thin covering which is placed on an erected penis. This can avoid the entrance of sperm in a woman’s body. Condoms are generally made of plastic, lambskin or latex. Latex condoms are very effective in preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms can be lubricated or dry or with vaginal spermicide. They should be stored in a dry or cool place. They are very light weighted and can accompany other methods of birth control. However there are some negative effects too. It may lead to latex allergies. It could also tear or break.

2. Withdrawal method – it is the oldest of all birth control methods. There should be a withdrawal of penis from the vagina during the intercourse of before the ejaculation. The positive points are that there are no side effects. No cost is involved in it. If accompanied with other birth control methods, it can be very effective. However there are negatives of it too. it requires a lot of self control. There can be a release of sperm before pulling it out. It is not effective for premature ejaculation. It is not recommendable for men and women who are sexually inexperienced or have multiple sex partners. There is no protection from STD’s. It is comparatively ineffective.
3. Vasectomy- it is one of the common contraceptive birth control methods for men. It is effective and safe. It has no impact on hormone levels, sexual performance and erections. The scrotum area is numbed in a vasectomy.  A small puncture is made and the vas deferens is located by the doctors.  Then there is a removal of a small section of vas deferens. There is sealing and clamping of other ends in order to stop the sperm from flowing.

These birth control methods if effectively used, can avoid pregnancy. Before using these contraceptive birth control methods for men, proper knowledge and guidance is essential.

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