Couch time!

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What an amazing tool “couch time” can be.  For those of you with the funny look on their face right now “couch time” is what is considered time for just you and your spouse.  No kids, no phones, no distractions.  It is a time where all of us can connect with our spouse on an intimate level and on a daily basis.  Too often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of things.  Kids need to go to practice, dinners need cooked, etc and suddenly we forget how important it is to not let our relationship with our spouse take a back seat.  We forget that they should come before all else.

But “couch time” is an important part of a healthy relationship.  Just because you think you know what’s going on in your mate’s life it is more than likely that there is much you are missing.  How was their day at work?  What plans are in the works for the coming week.  Coordinate! 

If there was something that you could do to make their life easier, what would it be?  Guess what, here’s your chance to ask.  Sometimes we forget we are here to be each other’s help mates and are more focused on our own daily ambitions. 

These will be the easy questions.  The are also guaranteed to be harder ones as well.  No marriage is by any means perfect and to many times we let small disagreements turn into festering feelings.  Knowing that you have a set time that you will spend together each day will give you an opportunity to share your feelings and concerns before they become larger issues within the marriage.  Nip them while their small and you’ll both save a world of heart ache.  And be honest with each other.  I can’t stress this enough,  if there is something on your mind then let them know.   Now is your chance and this is what that time is designated for.

So, couch time.  Plan on it.  Don’t just nod your head and think its a great idea but I challenge you to put it into practice.  And don’t give up after a few sessions of just staring at each other!  The conversations will come, just give it time.  Start out slow if you need to.  Talk about each other’s day.  What was special about it?  The more this flows, the deeper you will go.

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