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If you are looking for a very casual dating atmosphere, you may want to check out either Cupid or Both of these sites allow all types of dating for free. There is no charge to join either of these sites. You can post a picture and a profile of yourself on both of these sites and have people contact you by e-mail if you choose.

Although they are free sites, they are not very populated, with Lavalife being a bit more populated than Cupid. Both of these sites cater to younger people with an emphasis on hooking up rather than long term commitments. For older people or those who are looking for a long term relationship, Cupid is not worth the time that you will have to invest in starting a profile. Lavalife is a bit more user-friendly and has a larger membership despite the fact that it has not been around for a long time.

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When you join Lavalife, you can have an email account set up so that you can communicate with others who are part of the site. Lavalife is more of a social community than anything else and many people join this site so that they can interact with friends. You can also invite others to join Lavalife with you. There is a chat feature on this site that you can use to get to know others on the site.

On the contrary, Cupid is a dating site first and foremost. It does not have the party atmosphere that is present at Lavalife. While it does not encourage serious dating as other paid sites may indicate, it does boast of some success stories of those who have met future spouses on this site.

Both Lavalife and Cupid have upgrades that are available so that you can expand your profile and meet more people for a small fee. The average price for an upgraded membership to these sites is $10 a month for Cupid and $15 a month for Lavalife. Even without the upgrades, however, it is possible to find romance on these sites if you are in the right place at the right time.

Lavalife encourages long distance courtships online, whereas Cupid is more about finding friends and lovers that are in the area. You will find many people from other countries who are joining Lavalife to meet pen pals and to flirt with those in other countries.

Both Cupid and Lavalife are dating sites for those who do not want to spend a lot of money to look for someone online and who may be interested in more casual relationships. This does not mean that you cannot find someone special through these sites, only that they tend to encourage a more casual connection than other paid dating sites. As is the case with any dating site, you should use caution and common sense when you arrange for a meeting with someone who you meet online and never send money to anyone who you meet on the internet.

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