Dance moves say everything

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How you dance is actually more important than you think. Knowing that you are being judged on your dancing doesn’t please anyone, it puts more pressure on you and you find that you don’t dance as well. The problem is women relate everything they need to know about sex with dancing, it’s almost an audition.

Getting together with someone is increasingly hard in life with the emergence of many more distractions than we used to have. Our lives are busier, they mean less to us at times, and we don’t savour the moments where we don’t do anything. In fact it could be said that people had more enjoyable lives when they didn’t have as many distractions.

The way in which we live our lives mean that we have to use every opportunity in order to try and find a partner. And if you are out in a club and you see a girl you like then you need to make the most of every moment, and every attribute in order to get ahead. And one of these attributes is our dancing skills, the way in which we move on a dance floor says more about us than we realise.

And if we cannot make the most of it, we may well be going home alone again. It’s annoying when all your friends seem to be getting themselves tied down and into relationships, whilst you struggle to get yourself even the merest scent of a girlfriend. They don’t have anything in their locker that you don’t but they do know how to unlock it unlike you, and that is literally the key.

Get yourself dancing with her, and just make it your dance floor make sure that you can get the best out of your time on the dance floor and make an impression. If there is anyway in which you can impress her without dancing then try, but the chances are if she wants to have sex with you, you will have to audition first.

Taking dance lessons may be frowned upon, but people that get laid aren’t frowned upon, which one would you prefer? So it is important to make the most of every situation including how you get yourself into bed with someone, so make the most of it because one day it will be gone and the thrill of the chase will be no more.

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