Dating advice for women by men

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To say that men are shallow may not be too far off the mark, but at least we are honest early on. You see, if we are not attracted to you, the relationship has no shot. Now we realize that women have different standards that we do about dating. Sit back and be prepared for a little insight as we see it and put this dating advice for women by men to good use.

Honesty is the best policy. Hey, you can lie to us about normal stuff all you want, just don’t tell us that you like hanging out with our friends and watching football every Sunday when you really hate it. When you go out with us and talk about how wonderful of a day you had or that you love when everyone comes over to watch the games, you just gave permission for that to happen for all of eternity.

Eat something. Dinner dates are always interesting and you can really see what a girl thinks of herself when she goes out to dinner. If you order a nice dinner and have a great time, your rating has just gone up. When you order salad and water because you want to make us think you are health conscious, all you did was let us know you are high maintenance, see ya!

Be sexy. We are about as transparent as it comes and we love women who look hot. When you are first starting out, make sure you look your best every time. Is it shallow to say this? Of course it is, but we want to want you all the time. Later on in the relationship you can get away with wearing that baggy t-shirt because we know what is underneath. Early on, make us drool!

Don’t be one of the guys. Another common mistake is girls think that we want you to be one of the guys. No, we have our buddies for that. We want you to be you. We want our girls to be sexy, loving and to think we are the greatest thing in the world.

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