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Food For Thought

It might sound crazy, but the best way find your way into a Thai girls heart, is by eating her food. It took me a while to learn, how important Thai cuisine was to Thai people. This is true because Thai people never eat alone. In the Western world we live extremely busy lives, we rarely take time to be together even when eating a meal. This would be virtual suicide in Thailand. The biggest mistake I see men make when finding a new Thai girlfriend, is that they concentrate on everything she does for them, and slowly slip into the lazy King routine. We spend so much time in the Western world doing whatever we can to make sure our significant other is happy and okay, why not give a little back to someone who will appreciate it. How many television commercials do you see, where the man does a complete juggling act just to keep his wife content. Beer commercials are famous for this and it’s funny because it’s true. In Asia, you will find yourself in a role reversal situation as she will now commence the juggling act you are so familiar with. I hate to admit this fellas, but you will now take on the role of your Western world female counterpart. When you start taking their actions for granted, you are playing right into their game. The reason I mention this, is because so many men at this point feel that this girl has fallen in love with them. Why else would we be receiving such great treatment, such absolute individual attention, she must really love me. You have just been duped. This is the kind of man, that will eventually have his heart broken, and his bank account emptied. He has concentrated too much on what he’s getting, and very little on what he was giving. The funny thing is, that giving in Thai culture is not all that hard. Simple commentary on how amazing she cooks and how much you love Thai cuisine will start to create an attachment. Don’t try and surprise her, by cleaning the home, or cooking her a Thai meal, as now you are taking away the things that make her feel important.


Thai Cuisine For Love

Source: Thailand

Cook up a Plan

I see so many men, enamored to the level of stupidity that they quickly forget their duties in relationship. When I talk to Thai women, in Thailand, about foreigners they commonly note how selfish we can be. Their version of selfish is much different than our definition of selfish. Selfish to me used to be, how much money I was willing to spend on a girl, whether it be food, clothing etc. Thai women are very romantic, and they expect the same back so become comfortable with Thai romance, as it’s going to be uncomfortable at first as they are 10X more sappy than your western girl. If you are financially supporting your Thai girlfriend, yet leave out the romance and appreciation, beware as she will not leave you, but she will find another boyfriend whom fills these needs. The best part is, this guy won’t pay for anything, he will just get the good stuff. The number one thing you can do, when meeting a girl, whom you feel is monetarily motivated, is to remove her from her zone. Think of the zone as a drawn up play in football, it must be accurately timed and done with extreme precision. Your best defense, is to not be predictable. Enjoy Thai cuisine, enjoy Thai culture, but most importantly show it and let her know how much you love her and what she does for you. By taking the Thai girl out of her zone, you will effectively remove her play of monetizing your relationship and shacking up with someone with a better defense.

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