Dating online tips for women

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In a prior article, we listed several dating online tips for men so we felt it was only fair that we did the same thing for our female readers.  The goal of dating, whether offline or online, is to find your perfect match and build a long-term relationship.  However, aside from the precautions you need to take, there are some tips that you should follow just like men.  The following are what we consider the best tips for a woman where dating online is concerned.

  • Write a good profile so that you attract a man’s attention and hold it until you decide what you want to do
  • Choose a photo that is not overly provocative or suggestive so your potential mate has a better idea of what you truly look like
  • Keep your profile content concise and to the point without rambling or displaying too much drama
  • Be as genuine, honest, and sincere as you possibly can without being dramatic (if there is one thing men can’t stand, it’s drama)
  • Keep an eye on your online competition if you’re not satisfied with the number of dating inquiries you’re getting and see what they are including in their profiles that may make them more enticing than you are
  • Check out the compatibility factors that exist between you and your potential match such as hobbies and interests, the type of movies or music you like, distance between the two of you, etc.
  • Use common sense so that you are always safe, especially once you have agreed to meet one another
  • Start talking over the phone once both of you is satisfied with what you have learned about each other through chats and e-mails (a serious one-on-one conversation will speak volumes about your potential partner)
  • When it is finally time to meet in person, do so in a public place with plenty of other people around and make sure that your closest personal friend is aware of everything regarding this first meeting between the two of you
  • If by chance your dating online leads to going out with more than one person, letting your other suitors know this is a bad idea (it’s not a matter or being dishonest – it’s a matter or common sense)

Although you may or may not feel that you will benefit from following the tips above, you will never know until you try.

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