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Beth uses these universal elements in the Daughters of Promise to make her characters relatable to readers from any

A prime example of this is in Beth’s first book of the series. Many people have wanted to run from their own life. Lillian Miller attempts to do it. As she searches for her grandparent’s house in Amish country she discovers more than she bargained for. Lillian finds herself among this simple people and develops feelings for them and one man in particular. But can she really change her life in such a dramatic way? This novel emphasizes the importance of knowing yourself, removing distractions to do so, and then making what’s most important to you the number one priority.


Throughout the rest of the Daughters of Promise series, we experience more of these universal themes. One character has to figure out what to do with a God she doesn’t know when she watches those who do live joyful and fulfilled lives. She wants what they have and has to decide if she will try to accept His love. Her journey through hardship and faith strikes an empathetic chord in all of us.


Linda loves her Amish life; which seems to be going perfectly, until she learns she is adopted. Her mother comes to the Community wanting to know her daughter, but her adoptive parents and her beau don’t understand why God would allow this intrusion into Linda’s life. As she finds herself drawn into her mother’s world, she must decide to Whom she really belongs. Linda learns the lesson that many of us have, that there is a time to hold on and let go, but to what and when?


Beth Wiseman’s topics are applicable to people in all places, which make Daughters of Promise and all her writings relatable and engaging. The environment of the Amish Community is well described, but never at the expense of common emotions and struggles. Her Plain people are true to their heritage, but every bit as “real” as her readers.


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