Day game vs. night game in meeting women

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Ever realize there are only two basic situations in which you approach girls.

The most common is when you’re out at a nightclub, bar, party, or any other social setting where strangers have come together to have fun and meet people. Approaching girls and running attraction routines here is usually called “club game” or “night game.”

Then there’s everywhere else: on the bus, at the store, waiting in line at the bank. Because these interactions usually happen during the day, we call them “day game.”

There are a lot of variations between night game and day game as far as energy, logistics, etc.

For instance, girls usually go out to bars and clubs with their friends, which is another factor you must cope with. Women are likely to be alone during the day.

But the substantial distinction is in the quality and kind of communications you have.

A lot of guys learn to approach women in nightclubs and at bars. Pretty wise choice, really: there’s no shortage of hot girls, and all of them are there hoping to meet someone.

With that said, the club scene still comes with a heavy price tag.

Firstly, you’ll meet a lot of girls who happen to be flakey, liquored up, or carrying around tons of emotional baggage.

Going out every weekend is expensive and can get exhausting — and burnout can be common. Of course if it’s your only way of meeting women, you’re going to keep doing it, even if you don’t enjoy it. And that’s going to hurt your game overall.

The fact is, a lot of guys just don’t like the club scene, and even the ones that do eventually get tired of it and want to try something else. That’s why guys who are serious about meeting quality women eventually turn to day game.

But, you’re in for a shock if you’ve only been running routines in clubs.

Girls go out to have fun and are automatically drawn to you when you look like you’re having an awesome time. But if you approach a girl at the library with the same over-the-top vibe you use in a club, it’s probably going to embarrass her … and get yourself thrown out !

The point is, you’re going to have to change your methods if you want to succeed at day game.

Most attractive girls are being approached all the time, even during the day. Remember that. So the biggest question guys usually have about day game is: what is the best way to open her during the day ?

Should you tease her, intrigue her, and make her wonder what you’re really up to? Should you dance around the issue a bit? Or should you just tell her point blank that you think she’s hot and you’d like to go out with her?

It’s really a matter of your own energy and the specific situation.

Some girls will be very receptive to a direct approach, while others require a bit more work and subtlety. Remember: there is no “magic formula” that works every time.

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