Different types of tested condoms of brands with guaranteed safety

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Condom brand names are synonymous with style and safety. Brands such as Trojan condoms and Durex condoms are among the most popular the world over for their quality and innovative ranges of stylish condoms. However, there is an interesting story behind how condoms are made. Though it may just look like rubber, the manufacturing process and testing adopted by leading condom brand names ensure that they are safe to use and fulfill each of the promises made by the company.

The Latex Stage:

The quality check begins with the raw materials. Companies such as Trojan Condoms and Durex Condoms have dedicated teams involved in testing the quality and consistency of the latex. Just as any other naturally occurring material could get spoilt, latex also needs to be checked for sourness or curdling before it can undergo the process of compounding. This process involves vulcanizing agents, preservatives and stabilizers being added to the latex to ensure consistency and quality.

The Dipping Stage:

The latex that has completed the compound processing stage is poured into tanks that are temperature controlled. Condom brand names call this stage ‘dipping’. Glass formers are passed through the liquid. A thin layer of latex coating forms on the glass. The glass formers are dried and then dipped again to pick up another layer of film over the existing layer. After vulcanizing the latex through ovens, the peeling off happens when the glass formers are passed through high pressure water jets.

Electronic Testing:

Once the condoms are dried, each of them is ready to be tested using advanced electronic testing equipment. Condom brand names such as Trojan condoms and Durex condoms have built a reputation on its stringent quality norms using advanced technology. Each condom is stretched and an electric current is passed through them. Any structural flaws are detected at this stage.

Air and Water Inflation Stress Test:

This is the final stage before a batch of condoms is sent for packing. Here, few samples are taken from a batch and inflated with a preset volume of air (normally 40 lt) to see if the rubber can withstand the stress limits. Additionally, the samples that have passed the stress test are filled with a small volume of water to test for leakage. They are also subject to an artificial aging process to confirm the product quality till its expiry. Any anomalies observed in this stage results in the entire batch getting rejected.

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