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 Civil or court cases can be very expensive to conduct, most conflicting parties seek dispute mediation services in times of disagreement. Even Litigation is not the best Option in dispute cases. Mediation and arbitration are among other types of alternative dispute resolution method. The alternative dispute resolution is a growing avenue considering the increasing consequences of litigation and the dragging of court cases in many judicial systems of the world. A mediator is always a neutral third party person who is employed to solve a dispute. He/ she conduct the entire dispute mediation service or dispute resolving service.  Their services entail working to help the two conflicting parties to come to a common agreement and unlock the stalemate. Dispute mediation service differs from arbitration as while the arbitrator can impose agreement or solution to the parties, a mediator only persuades them to come to a common agreement. Mediation is an informal process in which both parties sit down with an independent third party.  The mediator acts as an intermediary to assist the parties to focus on issues and create solutions that are acceptable to both parties. the parties reach an amicable   solution. The mediator then put down  the parties agreement in writing and bring it to their lawyers for approval before signing. Almost all conflicts can be resolved through mediation, if both parties want a solution. There is a growing trend towards the use of mediation to reach an agreement on the terms of an all disputes   commercial, private or legal conflicts. This is usually much cheaper than an adversarial process where the two lawyers fight against running out time.


Many courts have the possibility to refer disputing parties to mediation services. Family and business mediators also work with the parties of conflicts between marital conflicts, organizations, members trading conflicts, false memory conflicts, and issues of succession. Mediation is also used in jury test to help achieve a speedy resolution without trial. Most professional mediators are either lawyers or mental health professionals who offer dispute resolution services.. This is not an obligation, but these two professions bring something to the mediation. Lawyers bring their knowledge of the law, while mental health professionals bring their knowledge and experience in human behavior, emotions and relationships. Some difficult mediation is conducted by a mediation team consisting of a lawyer and mediator broker therapist. Mediators do not practice law while serving you as a mediator; they do provide counseling or therapy. Their role is simply to help the parties reach an agreement that meets their needs. Their role is simply to help the parties reach an agreement that meets their needs, and to sign the agreement with precision. Legal mediation is probably the biggest area of ​​mediation practice right now. Brokers are available in most parts of the country, and agreement of legal mediation is not only cheaper than a legal battle, it is often far less emotionally devastating. Mediation as a conflict resolution is really an idea whose time has come.


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