Divorce – good or bad

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It is a matter of great discussion that whether divorce is good or bad. There are groups of people who criticize the concept of divorce and another group is with the concept of divorce. Well, its a matter of debate, but there are few things which is always indefinite about divorce. Lets have a glance over situations when people opt for divorce.

Divorce is a complex situation where a couple decides to end their relation legally and sets them free from every responsibilities for each other. The situation arises when every equation of life be it physical, mental, and emotional becomes inequal for both the partners. They think that its better to end the relation rather than facing the troublesome situation for long time.

There may be several possible reasons behind divorce, some good reasons like abuse by spouse, unfaithfulness, infidelity, lack of physical pleasure, and lack of confidence between each other. There are some bad reasons also where greed or selfishness of any of the partner comes between the relation, these bad reasons can be an extramarital affair, feeling of boreness with spouse, unhappiness with the way your relation is going due to some professional, personal or financial reasons, or problem with in-laws.

No matter what is the reason behind divorce, the result is always traumatic for both people involved. In most of the cases, people understand the mistake committed by taking divorce in future. They regret the time when they took such stupid life vanishing decisions. They come to know the need, value and integrity of their spouse, only after leaving them. People with weak heart and less will power often go to a state of mental stress and trauma. In case they are having children, then life of kids are vanished in this conflict between their parents. Their childhood, innocence, studies, and part of fun in their life are spoiled for personal interests of their parents. The condition of these kids become miserable and none other than their parents are responsible for such a bad situation of kids.

So, the ill effects of a divorce influenced by personal selfishness is endless.

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