Don't lumber yourself with a vegetarian

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Vegetarian girlfriends can be very hard to get the best of, you can struggle to cook a good meal for them, not because you are ignorant or unkind but purely because you cannot even begin to imagine what a vegetarian’s taste buds should be like. It is very hard for men who have vegetarian girlfriends at times, even when you go out on dates you need to make special considerations for them.

If you ask me, you should just stay away from the vegetarian ones, they cost you more money and make your life harder than it really needs to be. Why make life harder for yourself when you have every opportunity to get the best out of your relationship with someone else. Someone who does not quiver at the smell of meat, does not shirk every time you go to eat bacon or sausages.

Staying away from the troublesome ones is the best policy; you will get the most out of life and make the most out of the rest of your time together if you do so. Knowing that you can get the best out of a situation means that you should be held accountable if you don’t make the best of a situation.

With vegetarians life does become that little bit harder and your time together really does become hard at times. So if you don’t think you can hack it then maybe it is best that you just move out of the way of her. You decisions in who you go for really say more about you than anything else could, and your friends will judge you upon this, they will give you stick should it be a strange choice and respect if it isn’t.

So make your choice wisely and if you can make the best of them as well, go for looks as well as how difficult she could make your life. Don’t go for the controlling women, stay away from the ones that want to nickname your member and don’t even go near the nervous ones they will make it hard. You would be surprised about how many women I just described so good luck narrowing down.

There is nothing wrong with being a vegetarian I just choose not to be with one, and so should you. Do you want to be eating at a Japanese restaurant instead of a steakhouse?

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