Elusive man syndrome

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Men are elusive, it is part of our nature, we love to come and go throughout life, noticed wherever we go but also not held in too much stature that we always have to deliver. Maximum input with minimum fuss is a lot of men’s philosophy on life; we want to reap all the rewards without having to put in too much effort or any emotional feelings whatsoever. We want to remain elusive and many of us manage to do so with a little help.

We want to be in women’s lives but not a huge part of it, we want to be able to get the best out of them without having to make the most effort out of everyone. It is important for us to make sure that we get all this and remain elusive, hard to track down. If we can do this, then we get the ego boost that we crave, women feel good about themselves and everyone is a winner as far as we are concerned.

Except that is for those who are left behind to pick up the pieces. You see for every guy like this, there is another who stays behind as a friend, and cleans up the mess that you have just left trailing in your wake. These men are normally friends to women, but are friends for only one reason, they want to be with them, and unfortunately for them the woman they like, falls for guys like you.

There is a resolution and salvation to every mess but how many times are you going to remain elusive and take no responsibility before you grow up. Life is quite funny in the way that it throws things back in your face, but it also remains quite poignant in its timing. You find it difficult to remain elusive after a while, you cannot cover all your tracks and you run into the old faces.

And one day when your looks go, you will end up on the wrong side of the phase and you will look for companionship only to realise that everyone has been taken. So to make the most of what you have, get it out of your system but when it is time to settle down make sure that you do, and make sure that you commit to it, unlike everything else in your life. Elusive man syndrome has it’s days numbered, and so do you.

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