Emo hair style

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Emo hair style

Emo isn’t just a hairstyle; it is a way of life! The style was started by a group of teenager’s labeled emos, or those who loved to listen to emotional music. Emos started the style by the way they dressed. The dress was plain and the holed jeans and thick clothing was just the beginning because the style soon turned into hair. Emo hairstyles today aren’t just used or worn by fully dedicated Emos but are instead found on many individuals who just find the look stylish! The Emo hair style is mostly worn by those in their 20′s but it is found in many different age categories, and it can be worn by either gender! Here are a few facts about the Emo hair style:

* Jet black is the Emo trademark. If anything captures the Emo spirit the most it is the jet black hair that long enough to fall over the individual’s right eye. The bangs must be long enough to do this so that virtually no part of the person’s right side face is visible to anyone! * Emo styles come with choices. Just because the Emo style is trademarked with dark black hair color and over the face arrangements, an Emo can still have a few options with how they wear their hair. Among the options is whether they want it greasy or clean. Many Emos believe that greasy is the way to go because the band members of their favorite groups wear it this way; while others opts for the cleaner, more socially accepted Emo style. Whatever your choice you can be sure you’ll be within the Emo style either way! * Emo styles can be found at many stylist locations. Many professional stylists have learned the Emo style because it has been requested so much. If you’re looking to delve into the Emo hair style for the first time then it is recommended you go to a stylist who has experience with the look. A stylist can also help you decide whether highlights are right for you as well (Yes, that’s right, Emo hairstyles can come equipped with highlights!). * Thin is better for Emo style! If you’re wondering what type of hair looks best with the Emo style then thin is the winner! While you can pull the look off with thick hair, it will be much easier with thinner hair. If your hair is super thick then you may want to use a hair thinner to get your hair to the appropriate level.

article written by Leigh Connelly.

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